Paint Your Own Masterpiece!

Several new mirrors have arrived at The Whistling Elk – The mirror pictured is one of my favorites and I set it up behind a little cabinet I was planning on painting. Sitting at my desk I can look out and appreciate the mirror – the chandelier reflected in it and now the little cabinet that I just finished painting.  Love this little vignette!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Paint and Glaze at The Whistling Elk

The cabinet started out just a mousy brown and it is actually a new piece (not old) – I bought the piece with the specific intention to paint it.  I painted  a faded blue on the inside glazed it with champagne and stenciled some small  Fleur de Lis  randomly on the back panel.  (sorry didn’t photograph that)

I embossed the stencil so it stands out nicely and the zinc and brilliant white that I used on the piece make the stencil design shimmer.

Silver Star is dabbed on the hinges and on the teardrop door handles.  I took almost all the glaze off the top as I wanted it to look slightly different than the body of the piece.

It’s a lovely little French cabinet now!

French Cabinet stenciled and glazed
The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops – Learn to transform your furniture!

Our next paint workshop will be March 20th…that is also the first day of Spring!

I can hardly wait.  Sign up now and learn how to paint your own Masterpiece.

La Vie est Belle!

La Vie est Belle!

New merchandise arrivals always make me happy!  La Vie est Belle!  At The Whistling Elk it seems that all the new shipments include a lot of bling.  I confess I am always into beautiful, sparkly bling! Just a little bit in a room adds a little something…We just received a lot of pretty crystal…there are candlesticks, vases, pitchers, salt & pepper shakers and salt cellars with little tiny (very cute) spoons! Even the new artwork has bling! There are tiny crystals embedded in the prints which add just the right element of ooh la la!

The Whistling Elk, Chester NJ
Crystal Cream & Sugar and Salt Cellars


There are four of these chic lamp prints all with embedded crystals.  Love the carved gold frames…and the bath print below is the most gorgeous shade of green…there are three prints in this collection.


paint workshops
Great Gifts at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ

The “red” vase I just finished painting this morning even expresses some bling.  It has a certain richness – it was a nondescript cement color before I gave it a coat of red paint and followed up with some gold stenciling and a bit of Black Walnut Glaze Couture!™.  Now it is quite elegant! Ahh, La Vie est belle at The Whistling Elk!!!

Well, It’s Snowing Yet Again…So I am Painting…Yet Again!

French Polynesian Pink

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ French Polynesian Pink with Various Glazes

This beautiful,  vibrant color was the perfect choice to be painting on Valentine’s Day…its  just perfect!

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Verde, Black Walnut, Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Zinc, Copperhead and Red Mahogany.  I glazed 2 sticks with  Brilliant White Paint and then put Red  Mahogany glaze over the Brilliant White on one of them to show a layered glaze effect.

The last paint stick I coated with Micki’s Magic (an accessory paint).  I love the Micki’s Magic over the French Polynesian Pink – it adds so much dimension and variation – like a shimmering rainbow of color!

I think that a very sheer coat of Brilliant White under any of the glazes would create a beautiful specialty finish.


Glaze Couture at The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™ Angelic with various glazes

For these Paint Stick Samples I used Glaze Couture!™ Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde, Black Walnut and Copperhead.  On these paint sticks I glazed and wiped off. I used the Champagne Glaze but with this one I glazed the piece twice and as is often the case with Champagne I did not wipe it off.  I also painted two coats of Micki’s Magic on the paint stick sample.

Paint Workshops at the Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture Brilliant White and Zinc combinations

I did one paint stick with zinc glaze and 2 sticks with Brilliant White.  On one of these Brilliant White paint sticks I applied Zinc over it.  You probably cant really see it in the photo but this sample with the triple treatment is my favorite – it’s very rich and has a lot of depth to it. (its the one in the middle)

Paint Couture is such a great product for all those paint projects you have around your home!  And, its a lot of fun on these snowy winter days when you are stuck inside!

Don’t forget we offer great workshops at The Whistling Elk and will teach you how to create a beautiful piece of furniture using Paint Couture!™ products.

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

Need a  special gift for your Valentine Sweetheart?  Of course you do!

We have lots of ideas…

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger, LoLLia, Shelley Kyle, Paint Couture!™ and of course La Vie Parisienne Jewelry..for your Valentine

We have a great selection of new Lampe Berger lampes, a full stock of Shelley Kyle and LoLLia…and for you do-it-yourselfers…Paint Couture!™ products plus the new Gilding Waxes will be arriving soon!

Just checking in lots of new arrivals from La Vie Parisienne – necklaces, earrings and bracelets!  LOVE!

La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester
La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

It’s “Sweetheart” Central at The Whistling Elk

Need a  special gift for your Valentine Sweetheart?  Of course you do!

We have lots of ideas…

The Whistling Elk
Lampe Berger, LoLLia, Shelley Kyle, Paint Couture!™ and of course La Vie Parisienne Jewelry..for your Valentine

We have a great selection of new Lampe Berger lampes, a full stock of Shelley Kyle and LoLLia…and for you do-it-yourselfers…Paint Couture!™ products plus the new Gilding Waxes will be arriving soon!

Just checking in lots of new arrivals from La Vie Parisienne – necklaces, earrings and bracelets!  LOVE!

La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester
La Vie Parisienne at The Whistling Elk in Chester

It Pays To Be Prepared on a Snow Day

It Pays To Be Prepared on a Snow Day

and I did get snow/iced in yesterday!  Sigh…but I was prepared!  I painted almost all day – a little snow wasn’t going to keep me down!

Chester NJ
Snow/Ice Storm…

So previously I had painted two coats of Paint Couture on my signs…then I stenciled a background design on some of them and distressed it so it was faint.  I used Paint Couture’s Embossing medium over top and stenciled on different Paris configurations.

Chester NJ
Paris signs at The Whistling Elk before glazing

Later after blowdrying the Embossing Medium with my hairdryer I used Glaze Couture!™ or Brilliant White to glaze over the entire sign.  I am not finished with these yet though…I may apply a second glaze to some of them (like verde over the blue sign) and I know I am going to use the Paint Couture Gilding Wax to enhance them…when I do I will post the finished product!


This is Good Painting Weather!

This morning when I left my street looked verrry pretty…but it made me have to stay home yesterday….grrr…

My commute

…and tomorrow it looks like more of the same is coming.  Tonight I am taking my Paint Couture home with me.

Today I experimented with some sign making…using my Paint Couture!™ Embossing Medium – I think I will bring the rest home with me tonight just in case Mother Nature decides to strand me again!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Embossing Medium from Paint Couture!™

In early January I had some sign blanks made up just for this kind of occasion!  Previously I painted some of them with Peace – today I embossed a stencil and coated the whole thing with Brilliant White.


Madagascar Mocha Pairs Up Nicely with Glaze Couture!™

Madagascar Mocha Pairs Up Nicely with Glaze Couture!™

Here are my Paint Sticks showcasing Paint Couture!™  Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes on top!

The Whistling Elk Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ Madagascar Mocha with various Glaze Couture!™ finishes

The glazes used (left to right):  Little Black Dress (Metallic) with the left edge glazed again with Micki’s Magic, Baltic Black over Madagascar with Black Walnut Glaze, Black Walnut Glaze, Micki’s Magic (Accessory Paint),  Lite Brown Sugar, Red Mahogany, Verde Glaze, Copperhead Glaze, Champagne Glaze, Zinc, Brilliant White (Metallic Paint).

I used the same design for these sticks as my other posts…that is the end of the stick is the Mocha with just glaze over it, then the next area is mocha-lacquer matte-glaze, the next area is just mocha-lacquer matte and the top of the stick is the mocha alone.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture
Little Black Dress – Black Walnut over Baltic Black/Madagascar Mocha – Black Walnut Glaze over Mocha

I prepared an extra paint stick this time showing Madagascar Mocha with Baltic Black…wet and dry distressed on top – then the Lacquer Couture Matte and Black Walnut Glaze…I like this combo a lot! I like the aged woody warmth the Black Walnut gives to the sample (its the middle stick above).

On the topmost stick above with the Little Black Dress (metallic black paint) over the Madagascar Mocha I coated the outside edge with Micki’s Magic just to see what it would do over the Madagascar Mocha/Little Black Dress.  This was just an experiment that shows how many different directions you can go with this paint by layering glazes.

Below is shown a grouping I am calling my “red/brown tone” collection of glazes over Madagascar Mocha….left to right Micki’s Magic – Red Mahogany – Lite Brown Sugar – Copperhead.  They almost give the appearance of wood stains.

The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture Chester NJ
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with various glazes

These paint sticks are really invaluable when you are looking at a color and wondering what it could look like or when you are trying to relate a paint color to something else that is going to live near it…  Sometimes it is even surprising when a glaze color that you don’t  think will look good does…these sticks are such a invaluable visual tool!

The Whistling Elk Furniture Painting Workshops
Paint Couture Madagascar Mocha with Glazes

This last grouping shows Verde, Champagne, Brilliant White (metallic paint) and Zinc.  Although the metallic don’t always translate well in the photos the Champagne and Brilliant White are beautiful over the Mocha.

But that is not surprising because I have loved everything I have put the Champagne or Brilliant White over…

At The Whistling Elk we offer Paint Workshops…learn how to use this amazing paint to paint your furniture and accessories and create works of art!

Top 10 Reasons Why Paint Couture!™ is the Best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available!

Top 10 Reasons Why Paint Couture!™ is the Best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available!

Ok, I admit right upfront that I am prejudiced because as a painter this is my paint of choice but for all the reasons I list…you just gotta love this Paint!  Here’s why:

Top 10 reasons why Paint Couture!™ is the best Furniture/Cabinet Paint Available

1.  Paint Couture!™ is a low VOC, self-priming acrylic paint available in 50 colors (and counting)

Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!
Blue Heron Studio and Paint Couture!

Photo by Blue Heron Studio

2.  Paint Couture!™ has great adhesion capabilities over existing painted or varnished surfaces (which means usually no sanding or priming is necessary) and paints on smooth and flat with little or no brushmarks.

3.  A quart of Paint Couture!™ is $29.50 (wow) and it is available in gallons!

4.  Using Glaze Couture!™ over the paint colors gives you the opportunity to increase the color possibilities to around 450 (and counting!) and creates either an antiqued or metallic finish – you get a beautiful protected finish with no waxing!!

The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture!™
  1. Paint and Glaze Couture are both available in half pints (giving you the opportunity to sample without spending a lot of money)
  1. Paint Couture Accessory products like the metallics – Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Silver Star, Antique Silver and Brilliant White, Micki’s Magic and Little Black Dress offer even      more possibilities for creativity!
The Whistling Elk
Paint Couture Brilliant White Paint
  1. Paint Couture Gilding Waxes give you the opportunity to accent your finishes! Really? Oh yes with 10 colors!  – Black Velvet, Pink Cashmere, Gold Lame, Gunmetal Tulle, White Silk, Blue Organza, Green Moire, Copper Charm, Silver Taffeta and Bronze Brocade (oh my!)

    The Whistling Elk
    Paint Couture Gilding Waxes
  1. Lacquer Couture!™ is a clear and very durable topcoat which enables you to protect surfaces…with little or no odor – available in 4 sheens! It dries fast too!
  1. All Paint, Glaze and Lacquer Couture products clean up easily with soap and water.
  1. Ingenuity…Foresight…Imagination…the company is constantly coming out with new products, colors, limited editions, custom capability and much more!
The Whistling Elk
Fashion Paint Colors!

…what’s not to love?

The Whistling Elk offers Paint Workshops – learn how to use these fabulous products to create beautiful painted furniture and accessories!

10 Ways to Make Peace!

10 Ways to Make Peace!

First it snowed, now its really cold…grrr…but it is perfect weather to stay indoors and PAINT!

I used my snow/cold downtime to paint up some samples…with Paint Couture!™ thereby creating 10 Ways to Make Peace!

The Whistling Elk Paint Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Peace with 7 glazes and 3 paints on top!

step one…paint two coats of peace on paint sticks (24 hours between all coats)

step two…taped off and painted a section with Paint Couture Lacquer Matte.

step three…chose 7 Glaze Couture colors:  Lite Brown Sugar, Champagne, Red Mahogany, Black Walnut, Copperhead, Zinc, Verde – and three accessory metallic paints:  silver star, micki’s magic and brilliant white

step four…applied the glazes over a portion of the lacquered stick and a portion of the “Peace” only section

VOILA Beautiful Paint Sticks showing Peace (alone) – Peace with Lacquer Matte – Peace with a Glaze over the Lacquer Matte and Peace with a Glaze

This way you get to see how the glaze looks over lacquer (not to mention how nicely it slides on) and how it looks over the un-lacquered paint!

I love these!

Aidan Gray at The Whistling Elk

The Whistling Elk
Aidan Gray Home Furnishings

We are adding Aidan Gray Home Furnishings to our mix at The Whistling Elk…look for new shipments in the coming months!!!

We are very excited to share this beautiful line with You!

We’ve got lots of great surprises in store this season…having just returned from the Atlanta Market – shipments will start rolling in soon!

Atlanta Market – Shopping for Spring Merchandise


I have been working madly to plan for the next four days….so much fun!

I leave tomorrow morning – so the shop will be closed for 4 days while I am gone…

Having just completed a major floor move in the shop — I am ready to fill in with new exciting merchandise.

The shopping words for this season are OPULENT and GLAMOROUS!

Oh so exciting!!!

The Whistling Elk sofa
Schnadig Sofa

The shop is set up with a completely different floorplan for 2014.  This pretty Schnadig Sofa is taking center stage in the shop….Its so pretty and versatile.  You can go in so many color directions with it…in fact you can change the colors for the seasons of the year by using pillows and throws in colors you choose.  It’s so reasonable in price also!

Shop The Whistling Elk
The Whistling Elk – Wall art

Space is at a premium in the shop so every inch of wall space must be used to display the art work … here’s one of the collage walls (with a floor lamp shade showing in the foreground).  The artwork at The Whistling Elk is always 20% off so its a good investment and as you know we all have lots of walls!

The Whistling Elk painted furniture
Paint Couture! embellished mantel

You may remember my post regarding the painting of this mantel…I used Paint Couture™! paints and glaze to make it so beautiful…but I think I am going to re paint it for the spring.  That’s right!  Another mantel facelift is on the way…I just have to settle on color.  I am thinking of doing something with the Pantone Color of the Year 2014 – Radiant Orchid….that would be something with Brilliant White over top!  WOW…just sayin.

Soon we will begin our Paint Workshops again – so keep posted and plan to attend to learn how to paint furniture!

shop home accessories
Pine Cone Hill at The Whistling Elk

Our Paris Boudoir is still the room in the shop that everyone wants to move right into!  The bed is layered with Pine Cone Hill products – why?  because it  is such a well priced bedding line…love it!  Lots of soft soothing color combinations for the bedroom.  I’ll be visiting Pine Cone Hill in Atlanta to see what is new for 2014.  Meanwhile still loving this soft palette of color including Madeline Café au Lait, Louisa, and Candlewick designs.

shop home accessories
Home Accessories at the Whistling Elk

Sometimes the things that really make a room are the little things…like a sweet arrangement of glasses on a tray, a cocktail table book strategically placed to accent some colorful flowers! The tray is actually my favorite thing right now…its antique silver with a mirrored base…which has been antiqued to look so old…just love it!

Well my head is swirling with all the things that I am going to be looking for at market…all the plans, colors, objects and vignettes to come. Can’t wait to translate it all to the shop floor so that you can share in the excitement for 2014.


Thank You from The Whistling Elk

chester nj
Thanks to all of you!
Happy New Year!

The beginning of a new year is always an exciting time in a retail shop. 

Planning for 2014 has begun…we have chosen our “keywords” for the 2014 “look” and we are going shopping January 10th…can’t wait!

Between now and then inventory will be taken and the shop will be readied for a major floor move!

But as we ring out the old year I would like to thank all my wonderful customers

who have patronized The Whistling Elk over the last year…and in fact for the last 24 years!

I am grateful for the friendship, patronage and support from all of you!!

Whistling Elk Charity Evening

Chester NJ
The Whistling Elk Charity Event

You are Cordially Invited to Our
6th Annual Charity Event

Benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

 Thursday, December 5th from 12 to 9 pm
$15 Donation

 Discounted Shopping

 Door Prizes
$350 Gift Certificate * Lampe Berger & Case of Fragrance * Kennebunk Weavers Throw Blanket * Basket of Paint Couture!™

 Great Gifts for the Holidays!
Mark Roberts Fairies, Lampe Berger, Kennebunk Throws, LoLLia, Shelley Kyle, La Vie Parisienne Jewelry
& lots of beautiful decorations and home accessories!


Casually elegant home furnishings & accessories

50 Main Street, Chester NJ 07930


‘Bringin the Bling’!

The Whistling Elk' Mantel decorated for Christmas
Paint Couture!™

Working on ‘bringing the bling’ to the newly painted mantel at The Whistling Elk…loving the sparkle stems and the red cardinals!

This is just the beginning – by the end of today this mantel will be stuffed with sparkle!

Paint Couture!™
Mantel in Paris Boudoir at The Whistling Elk
Christmas decorations
Red Cardinal Spray at The Whistling Elk

I just knew that Paint Couture’s Brilliant White would bring just the right amount of bling to the mantel…what a great backdrop for Christmas sparkle!

Mantel Madness with Paint Couture!™

I was in love with a sample that I painted while I was in North Carolina at the Paint Couture!™ workshop last month.  I guess I still am…cause its been sitting on my desk ever since.

Meanwhile we have been decorating like mad at The Whistling Elk…getting ready for the Christmas season…and I kept looking at our mantel and thinking hmmmm i’m gonna paint that and then decorate it for the holidays!   So…I just finished it….here’s a tease!

Furniture Painting
The Whistling Elk and Paint Couture!™

It would have been beautiful in Little Paris but it now sits in the Paris Boudoir bedroom with all the Pine Cone Hill bedding and Kennebunk Weavers throw blankets.  The colors in this room are soft and inviting.  You feel relaxed just standing in the room!

I didn’t go with the sample colors from the workshop…just deviated a little using  Paint Couture!™ Abundance and then dry brushing on Brilliant White (gotta love that stuff).  When it was dry I glazed it with Glaze Couture! Verde Green!  It looks marvelous and I can’t wait to bling it up (as if it needed it)!!!

One of the Door Prizes at our 6th Annual Charity Event on Dec. 5th is a Gift Basket of Paint Couture!™ products.  Some lucky person is going to be painting!

Our Charity Event benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society again and we are looking forward to a wonderful day/evening of discounted shopping on December 5th….so mark your calendar.

Fun with Paint Couture!™ See Paint Couture! Elevate Your Furniture & Cabinets to a New Level of Elegance

I just got back from Charlotte where I attended a fabulous Paint Workshop at Great Walls Supply…

Thank you so much Mike and Micki for making the Paint Couture! ™ line available to all of us who love to paint furniture and cabinets!

The Whistling Elk Painted Furniture Workshops
Paint Couture!™ Paint, Glaze, Topcoat & Stencils

The Paint Couture! is wonderful but it doesn’t stop there.  The Glaze Couture! is amazing and offers us sooooo many possibilities for creativity and reinventing color!  Nope that’s not it either…the Finish Couture! and Lacquer Couture! are just the best for protecting your painted furniture and cabinets.  Did I say CABINETS?  Why yes, I did!

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture!™ on Cabinets – Ohh la la!

There’s still more…Accessories!  Loving the Brilliant White and the Gold Accent Paints, the Embossing Medium and the brushes and all of the brand new products that will be available shortly.  Oh I am just in heaven!  Ohhh la la I forgot the stencils!

Now that I am home I can’t wait for my next shipment.  I have three Paint Workshops scheduled for next week and the phone has been ringing off the hook for that past two days – its as if they were just waiting for me to get back and schedule some new classes…surely no one will be disappointed either as I have planned four more classes for November!

All the Paint Couture!™ products are available in my shop The Whistling Elk – or check them out on line at – you will not be disappointed.  You WILL be painting everything you can get your hands on!!!!

It sure was a lot of fun to hang around with a bunch of very creative painters and play with some dazzling new products.   Looking forward to the next one!

Contemporary Console goes Traditional….via Custom Painting

I am working in a dining room in which we are effecting a transition from very contemporary to a more traditional room.  We decided to paint the contemporary console to make it feel more traditional….

It is finished but there is a piece of glass that lays across the top and rests on the two higher ends of the piece.  We’re going to let this piece cure for a couple of days before we put the glass and accessories back on top!

Paint Couture at The Whistling Elk in Chester nj
Contemporary console custom painted to change the “look”

The console was an extremely high gloss black/cherry finish much like that you would find on a piano.  First we cleaned it really well with TSP, then painted a first coat of Paint Couture Baltic Black.  A couple of days later it got its 2nd coat of the black and then a couple of days after that the piece was stenciled then distressed by sanding off  all the edges and flat surface so some of the cherry color came thru in places.

You will note that every time I work on this piece I let it sit a couple of days.  This isn’t necessary as you need only wait 24 hours between coats of product….however as I am painting this piece in the client’s home (its very heavy) I had to schedule myself for this time away from my shop.  I also figured since the original finish was soooo high gloss that a little extra cure time would only be an asset.

After the 2nd coat of black the piece was stenciled and distressed.

It was glazed with Paint Couture Black Walnut and then finished with a Paint Couture Satin Topcoat.

Custom Furniture Painting at The Whistling Elk
Top of hand painted console

I plan to go visit it in a couple of days to see how it is doing and then we will finish up the details in the room!

At The Whistling Elk we offer classes so that you too can paint your furniture….we use Paint Couture products which are wonderful.  There are so many paint and glaze colors to choose from and the topcoats are fabulous.  I also used Paint Couture pale and rich gold to give my stencil dimension.  Call for class schedules and details and to register!

It’s so much fun and very rewarding!

The Whistling Elk 23rd Anniversary Sale

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 23 years since I opened The Whistling Elk.  Amazing how time flies.

Over the years I have had so many beautiful items come and go from the shop…it has been a pleasure to own so many items even if only for a short time!!!

home accessories, furniture
the whistling elk anniversary sale 2013

For our Sale this year we are running discounts from 10% off all the way up to 75% off!  Come take home a little piece of The Whistling Elk – the sale runs thru August 25th.  Thanks for your business over the last 23 years!!!


Creativity Rocks! at The Whistling Elk’s Paint Couture Furniture Paint Workshop

Last night we had Part One of our Furniture Paint Workshop with Paint Couture paints, glazes and finishes.  It’s always such fun to see what will be created during the evening!!

Furniture Paint Workshops at The Whistling Elk in Chester NJ
Paint Couture Paints and glazes

These pretty little samples were created with lots of product…the top sample is Barbados Blue under Italian Ivory – distressed – then glazed with brilliant white.  Then a tiny bit of verde glaze was added into the crevices – very subtle.

The bottom sample is Australian Amber under Italian Ivory and distressed.  Then it was glazed with copperhead..after some dry time we highlighted certain areas with French gilding wax.  This sample was finished with Satin Topcoat for a nice sheen.

Tonight we are having Part Two of the Workshop…stay tuned!  We will be doing some washes, gilding and stenciling.  Oooh la la.

If you are considering attending a workshop the next set of two classes will be Sept 11 & 12…don’t forget to call and register!